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Monday, October 18, 2010

..... funny but sweet.....

haiiiiiiii.........!!! ^.^ pretty much happy right now... because hehehh i just finished my toefl.....and in fact my final exam also already done.... you know what i meant by done right,.. done.. done..  aka die...!! hahhaha i don't know... just lean my trust to Allah... that's the last efforts...

But in any how, i feel a bit relief now because this mingle-mangle life during the first semester at uniten have ended.... which also mean that i'm one step closer to USA.. hopefully.. pray for my success ok!!!  Now, i really have to focus and get ready for my SAT and SAT Subject Test.... this test, for those who didn't know, its compulsory for those who applying to study overseas especially in one of the universities in USA... for more information you guys are always welcome to visit.... haahah google for sure... n_n

well, that's the first and foremost before i move on to the actual topic that this merpati here had gone through in her journey of life.. heheheh.. 

funny but sweet.... ^_^ actually, it just happened to me recently.... the same scenery that also occur during last month, when people busy shopping for their raya eve. Not to tell here that i'm strictly an observant person ( i do believe a lot of people already notice about this...hehhe)... the thing here is about a boy accompanying a girl to go shopping.... hahahhahahha... wait2 hold your horses..... i'm not laughing because its funny but hahhaha its truly is an uproarious scenario.


But before that, no offense ok.... it is just an opinion.... hmmmm well to be honest, i don't like to be accompanied by guys when i'm doing my shopping tinge.. because mannn... poor that guy... trust me, most guys don't really like to follow here and there yet, at the end of the day, bought only a cup of drinks... What happened during a few days before raya eve was that, i went out with my housemates... and just went for a window shopping at Times Square, and seriously in every shop i saw guys sat tiredly on a sofa while his girl still busy picking the best shoes or dress that fit with her style....  kesian...kesian....  and funny too actually.. hahhahah

In fact, last couple of days, it happened to a very close friend of mine... Her "friend" accompanied us to find a perfect dress that have 4 different colour but with the same design.... hahhahah its kinda suit for power rangers team... hahahha well, you know us.... ^_^

however, deep down inside, i solute all of them who willing to sacrifice their time for their love one... but, couldn't be much better if the one that they accompanied is his wife, that truly legal for him... hmmmm i can hardly wait for that moment to be happened on me........ hahhahah wahhh, not now merpati...... k, got to go.. till next time.... ^_^ ....


  1. Haha hopefully your close friend's "friend" will be eternally like that, not only in this particular adolescence time when they are currently so deep between each other. Hahaha *batuuk2

    And btw, TOEFL sangat manja dengan kita kan. Don't wanna separate with us. Wanna see us again next year perhaps. Manja betuuul! Huuu

  2. hahhha... deeply in love... true!! sometimes make us blind.. opss not us but those who are in love.. heheheh

    hahhaha... oh please don't say that... i really don't want to feel that 'dying' feeling again... ahhahah

  3. hahahha....
    next time letak la pic, macamn agaknye muke laki2 yg penat melyn bidadari2 diorg tu.


  4. hahahha.... i will.... one day.... someday... hahahhahaa ^_^