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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

..... tika kita berhias serba putih... :D (read between the line...ehheeh)

Insan Bernama Kekasih

Album : Satu Tekad
Munsyid : Unic

Debar hatiku membisik rindu
Ingin aku katakan
Kau gadis idaman

Adakah mungkin kau kumiliki
Ingin aku jadikan
Inasan bernama kekasih

Keayuan yg tergambar
Lukisan nur iman
Bersulamkan keindahan santun perkataan
Bagai puith salju mendinginkan hangat perasaan
Mengusir segala resah di jiwa

Kusampaikan slm ucapan mesra
dan merisik khabar berita
Masihkah ada peluang
Utkku melafazkan cinta
Umpama rembulan jatuh ke riba
Mendengar khabaran darinya
Padaku kau memendam rasa

PadaMu oh Tuhan
Kumohonkan keredaan
Nur kasih yg kudamba
Kekal hingga ke syurga

Hanya satu yg kupinta
Kebaikan darinya
Moga dipeliharakan tulus cinta kita
Agar kukuh ikatan yg murni bahagia selamanya
Dgn lafaz pernikahan yg mulia

Dtglah kasihmu dlm diriku
Menghiasi ruang hatiku
Akanku sambutnya dgn
Sujud penuh kesyukuran

Kuharap jalinan kan berpanjangan
Selagi kasih yg terbina
Kerana cinta kpdNya

Kauku sayangi
Teman sejati
Dikaulah sesungguhnya
Insan bernama kekasih

Saturday, March 5, 2011

...... This is the whole truth .....!!

good morning...!!! hahha well, not really that morning.. it's almost 11 0'clock... ok..ok... ^^v

well, guess what... merpati now not at Ilmu but at BM (Baitul Munawwarah)... my naqibah's house.. hehehh its their new house actually. They just moved in... so last night, they did small kenduri.. i was here since last 2 days.. hehheh well, we were supposed to have our usrah here... ^^v  i really enjoyed my time here.. it was fun like i'm having a great time with my own family.. so they are all now like my second family here.. love them... thanks kak....

*                      *                        *                        *                          *                          *

Next, i would like to clear everything up.... well, as you guys know about my lil' project... Yup, it was quite 'hot'... its hard for me to explain especially to all my friends... However, both my best friends are among the first person to know the real story, then my rangers family and a few of important people.. hehheh

And for those who reading this entry right now *i assume you want to know my story, right? (perasan) hahahah....  anyway, honestly, there's nothing going on between me and that 'h' guy..... seriously..  this is one of the way to know who is my friend and who is not.. nonsense right? yeah, i know its hard for you guys to understand. its ok..... i won't force you guys... this is just an opinion.. personal opinion.. if anyone do disagree with me, you are free to do so... its a free country after all.. hahhahah

So... basically this is my opinion... "true friend will know the real me, care for me and dare to stop or advise me if i'm going astray.... because Hamka once said friend that agrees with you is a good friend but friends who dare to scold you when you are wrong is a better friend... something like that... therefore, i really hope to see that..
alhamdulillah... there are still some people who are still do care for me.. thanks friends.. even though this isn't always true or proved anything specifically but as to me at least i know who are dare and who are just happy.. i do understand most of my friends will say congrats because they know before this i never had anyone special in my life except than my family and best friends... so definitely they will feel happy for me.. but in Islam itself there are no terms neither 'couple' nor 'couple islamic'..... so, its ok friends i just want to know 'something'... which merpati rather keep it as merpati's own secret... hope you guys can understands.... with that 'something', now i see and realize something...."

Deep inside, to some point, i really want to apologize to my friends and my naqibah, hehheh merpati knows, this crazy little girl did quite a 'weird' thing sometimes.. hehehh but, just want you guys to know, whatever kakak taught me all this while in our usrah had never been a waste to me.... and i'm sorry if what i did gave a bad impact on you guys.... but, what happened last night told me that, even kakak that barely know me believed that i would never do such things, but some of my close friends.... hmmmm its ok.... we are after all just a human being.....

ok2... cheer up girl....!! you know what you are doing and now my status in fb, i hide it... why?? after most of the guys outside know that i already 'belong' to somebody, those who are not really be friend with me sincerely, will just step away.... because in my previous post entitle, "Titipan buat wanita", they were no use being admired with plenty fake love of guys where lies sins and Allah's wrath behind it. in other words, i may control a bit my frienships with too many of guys. hope other girls outside there would understand the real meaning of this sentence. merpati are also imperfect, but i'm learning... ok??? heheh

fuhh!! a bit melodramatic here.... ok2.. now merpati back in business... study kind of business not business study ok..
ohh ya!! one last thing... heheh i don't know that my wishing stars did fall recently because guess what... i'm now.. urm.... urmm.... urmmm..... ok2 easy...easy... i have been appointed as Naib Pengerusi III CSG... i also don't know... i'm also freaking out when i first saw this on paper.... hhahah its not that easy but insyaalah, i will and definitely strive with full effort to make this new CSG as successful as last sem or even better than them.. hahah *such a big dreamer....:p insyaallah....its Allah's undefined plan which i believe what is best for me...

off to study... go merpati... !! don't waste your time... hehheheh... pray for my success ok because last sem my pointer is freakishly much much better than first sem... so, continue the good job, merpati!!! ^_^