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Saturday, May 28, 2011

No more Lagha....

ok... hye there... ^^v want to make it fast.. no more langha2... (wasting my time with unnecessary things)..hehehh
hopefully... InsyaAllah.. because what i can say now is that, i'm in a process... process of what?? Process to improve myself to be a better person and especially a better slave to my Lord, Allah..

* No more Lagha because :
     > >> i no longer have fb (in the meantime maybe)
     >>> i have another duty/ responsibility now, ^^ guess what i have my own adeq usrah now... heheh
     >>> exams is just around the conner so.... merpati, you have to strive for it k..!!

Shock?? yup, i deactivated my fb last Thursday.. why?? something happened, i don't really like it and so its best if i just keep myself in silent for a while, searching for peace. After all, i've been thinking to do this not that long but recently actually because its not really fb affected my study (urm... just a bit maybe), but people always misinterpret something that i see or read. And together in this "process" that i mentioned just now, its a perfect time to deactivate my fb, not delete it because somehow, i need it to communicate with my classmate, CSG and a lot more. ^^v However, the next time i open my fb, maybe be there will be a huge changes in my fb... hehehh wait and see ok...

So, nothing much to share just want to make a simple note here (before i lost the memory :D heheh),
++ 29 may, thanks my best friend, girl's day out totally awesome, drove own car some more..
++ 14 may, totally a big change in my perspective...

ok, that's it. Later, i'll add some more about those two dates.. the story behind the scenes.. wuuu ok.. daaaa ^_^

p/s : pray for my success k...