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Monday, June 20, 2011

.... Mr Nice...

^^... this post is specially for Mr. Nice...

Its been quite a while i haven't talk anything about Mr. Nice right... well.. don't know what to say. Hopefully he understands that i'm quite busy here.... is it?

ok..ok.. He rarely massaged me so... i don't know what to talk to him... But, i know he's still ok and happy with his life now..

Actually, now merpati is working on a post.. very special post.. Now, it has been 3 days for me to write it, edit it here and there.... but still the last touch up haven't finish yet. :D

Apart from that, the best part is that, my family is coming this Thursday, but the sad part is that.... i can't go for the dinner. At first i'm totally ok with it, but then someone said to me she will follow me, if i don't go, she also don't want to go. But then, look now..!! Suddenly out of no where, i asked her again, now she said she will go. She said she really don't want to, but from what i can see, she seems to really enjoying the thrill and excitement to be on that night, with all the baju and theme... whatever...

After talked with my best friend, then i cast off all the negative thoughts... she said don't want to spend to much for that night, so i lend her my dress. Maybe, she don't feel comfortable to wear other's cloth so.. she bought a new one. As long as she happy, i'm happy, but please... no need to show that in front of me. It makes me more hurt... i'm sorry if i react a bit 'weird' to you... i try really hard, trust me really2 hard to control it but.... please forgive merpati.

k.. it suppose to be just a short post, but i didn't realize it could be this long... ok...,thats all for now... GOOOOOOOO Merpati!!!!  ^_^v