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Friday, September 30, 2011 this what we call as love....??

ok... first of all... you can be mad at me because this blog is a bit quiet lately.. what to do, i'm really bust handling a 'big program'. now everything is done.. well, not all actually, XD because there will be more activities after this. but its ok, i love it, like it and enjoy it very much especially when we talking about to be a da'ie (promote others to do goods and leave all the bads),  this is one of the best way... so goooo merpati (waa over excited!!)

i know its too late to say this.. but still i to say it out loud... (hehh :p my blog what...)

so, from the very bottom of my heart, if i did hurt any of your heart, i'm truly sorry.. nobody in this world want to hurt anyone without no reasons... :D maaf zahir batin....

so, next thing that i want to say is... well, i quite enjoy working with some new members in CSG for that 'big program' i was just talking about... even though it doesn't really turned out very smoothly as planned, but i could say i was ok... hey, every happens for its own reasons.. maybe Allah want to show me something that i missed.. yeah... maybe n_n insyaAllah...

ok.... now back to the main topic...
is this what you called love..
or maybe....
just a momentarily feels..
that your mind confused by..
should say end to it..
or ..
is there any other way out..
coz you know...
the 'right time' ...
is still not the right time for you..
out there..
many are still waiting..
for you to guide them..
to be a better muslim..
or at least..
a better human being..
you are still a 'small kid', merpati..
you never been in love before..
dare to take that risk??
the great love from the Most Merciful always there..
to be cherished..
to be bloomed..
yes, you do merpati..

you do have that strength..
                             (merpati putih)

so........ hahhah confused?? relax... something 'funny' happened yesterday.. that made me almost can't sleep.. (mind the word 'almost'... meaning that i still can sleep.. hahahah alhamdulillah :D) what's that 'funny' thing?? hmm i'm sorry.. i can't really tell you guys..  only my best friends and rangers knew about it...

and it also have something to do with the poem i made above.. (i know its not that good... hey, i'm not an expert ok.. :p)... so, all in all i can say to those who are related, i guess its been quite a years that i didn't really ask myself about love except to Allah, Rasulullah, Parents, Family and Friends... so, i believe the Almighty above there knows what best for me and for you... just put the whole trust to Him.. insyaAllah...

hahhah ok... funny...funny..funny.. don't ask me anything more about this feeling2 thingy ok....
^_^ v

*******by the way, really had a great time with my new 'adeq usrah'.. please strengthen our ukhwah, Ya Allah... amin...