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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Soooooooooooooooo Happy

Assalammualaikum and hellooo my dear blog.. i'm so sowi.. a bit late to update about merpati's life. Been busy with a few major project, so don't really have a private time for my dear blog... ;D *wink2

Ok, where do i start... urm.. ok i'm going to start with the best part..

Alhamdulillah.. one of my dreams had came true. Just went back from Sabah actually... :D see the word, its S.A.B.A.H... hehhee of course i flew there. Be on the airplain for the first time, it was so awesome. I really love when the plane want to take off, instead of landing because ears hurts with the poping sounds. I guess due to the pressure differences with level.. bla...bla.. * physics ehem2...

so, i went there for 10 days.. opss sorry.. 10 awesomest days heheheh and a lot of new experiences i gained.
one, i got the chance to dance a Munganatip dance, urmm ok that one still need a long explanation  =( *later ok
second, Gunung Kinabalu is so great, as the greater of the Creator itself.. SubhanaAllah
third, a talk that i had with a sister from UM who had a spastic child.. i can't help myself from hold these tears from coming out.. it was a momentarily once in a lifetime experienced.. i sure will remember all that she said to me.. you go sister.. i will pray that she'll keep continue to be a braver and strong women for her child and her family :'))

touching moment at Sri Princhard
challenging moment at La Salle
sweettt moment at SM Sains Sabah
best moment at MRSM KK
memorable moment at SESB
blast moment at Poring
cool moment at SMK Putatan
cute moment at Kem Lok Kawi
thrilling moment at Monsopiad Cultural Village
awesome moment at Blue Lagoon Sutera Harbour and
exciting finale at 1Borneo, Gaya Street, Philippine Bazaar, Wisma Merdeka and Central Point be continued...

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