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Monday, March 26, 2012

....what goes around comes around....

ok... yup, it almost the end of Mac... woo time flies so fast. today we were talking about cotton candy, choki2 then tomorrow we will talking about car, company and ceremony... hmm ceremony... there is one story about this... heheh *excited

of course i'm soooooo excited. hey, who would've expect your schoolmate that quite not brutal but boyish have engaged. i just knew about it when one of my friend posted it in our group. they said, "muka ganas tapi dalam hati ada taman"... honestly, i never expected she would've engaged at this kinda young.. but well, suits her. never had any special, suddenly, out of blue, engaged. cute!! ^^v (dah2 la tu merpati..)

move on to the next topic.. hmm exams.. yes sir, just around the coner. next week is my study week then finals thennnnnnnn weee travel2!!

actually, this post is about something related to the header of the topic itself..
hmm it happened to me recently, truly make me realize.. i know Allah wanna show me something.. so from now on i have to beware. don't ever hurt others, they might hurt you back... but don't worry this has nothing to do with killing or abusing.. hehehe *lol

anyway, just something to keep in mind, look at surah As-Saff, ayah 2 to 3... and this last phrase:

Dalam sebuah hadis yang sahih, Riwayat Bukhari & Muslim:Didatangkan seorang lelaki pada hari kiamat, lalu ia dilemparkan kedalam neraka, maka keluarlah usus perutnya, lalu melilitnya sebagaimana keledai mengitari tempat penggilingan tepung. 
Maka berkumpullah ahli neraka dan bertanya : “Wahai fulan mengapa kamu demikian? Bukankah kamu dahulu menyuruh berbuat baik dan mencegah kemungkaran ? Lalu ia berkata : “ Benar, aku dulu menyuruh berbuat baik tetapi tidak mengerjakannya, dan melarang dari kemungkaran sedangkan aku mengerjakannya.” 


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