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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

.... the hidden truth ....

Salam Ramadhan to all... it seems that we manage to finish up this year ramadhan up till this 12th Ramadhan. How's your Ramadhan going on so far? Have you filled those passing Ramadhan with good deeds? I really hope you do so ^^ like i mentioned in last entry, this is our moment, grap this golden chance while you still can, because life is short. We might never knew if we still had the same chance next year..

well, as usual...that was just the intro... "The Hidden Truth"...
that's what i want to talk about.. i guess if you are a social networking kinda person, definitely you must have heard about the conspiracy theory and wild speculation about this ongoing Olympic 2012...

During their opening ceremony.. strange? 
=)) In my opinion, some might be true, and some just like "adding the icing to the cake".. well, i'm saying that all of these theories are true and good, for some reason; it is a good reminder to all Muslim to be aware; however, exaggerating too much, may give a bad side effect.
So, all in is up to us to think and decide, whether you want to disagree totally or lets put it into action. And action here definitely i meant by a good and syaria' compliance ok...? Because instead of accusing people stupid, too paraniod adn "taksub", its best if you can reflect yourself back. They have quite a pretty smooth and tricky plan, so why can't we came out with such ideas to turn it back against them. It doesn't always have to be war and using weapons or what not. Remember, sirah nabawiah  taught us a lot of valuable things that we can imply it in our daily life, including this one. So, think people...Allah give you aqal  for you to use it not waste it.

Ok peeps that all for now. If you guys anxious to find out more about this things, i provide some links here. Read the article and not forgetting the comments. It is nice to actually listen what others have to say ^^

This is said to resemble Nabi Musa.. hmmm??

nite... ^^v

Sunday, July 29, 2012

....extra inside story.... :D

a little something about 'my best day'... forgot to upload it...

**trying to find a way to get rid of this nervous.. it has been decided on 8 august... just around the corner...
any advice?? Ya Allah, give me strength.. : |

Monday, July 23, 2012

.....Ramadhan ya Ramadhan...

hmmm.. dah jumpa Ramadhan lagi kan? Alhamdulillah... merpati dapat gak merasai nikmat Ramadhan tahun yang ke-20 ni. Allah masih memberi kesempatan untuk merpati musahabah diri dan kutip sebanyak pahala yang munkin di bulan yang penuh barakah ini..

Azam :
(ni kira checklist yang HARUS dijalankan dengan jayanya ;DD)
 ~ Khatam al-quran..
~ Terawih penuh kecuali waktu special yang Allah beri dan up 2 rakaat dari tahun lepas
~ Qiam paling kurangggg... 2
~ Dhuha sekerap mungkin
~ Malam Lailatulqadar... *ni istimewa sedikit


=> malam yang lebih baik dari seribu bulan
=> antara waktu yang mustajab untuk berdoa
=> malam penuh ketenangan dan rahmat
=> kemuncak bulan ramadhan

Jadi, itu hanya info ringkas yang merpati faham bila sebut soal Lailatulqadar... memang indah bila membayangkan kita cuba mencari malam yang terbaik itu, sedangkan kehadirannya kita xdapat untuk memberikan tarikh yang muktamat bila. Para ulama' hanya dapat memberikan gambaran2 dan tips2 untuk mencari malam yang penuh misteri ini. Misteri namun penuh berkat. Cantik kan Allah susun.
Kalau mahu bahas lebih panjang, bolah jadi 3 jam merpati bebel nanti ^^ jadi apa yang merpati nak kongsi dan insyaAllah boleh menambah fahaman terhadap ilmu Allah ini, 3 perkara je...

>> mari check balik, kita tahu ke sejarah lailatul qadar?
>> kenapa kita perlu 'hidupkan' malam lailatulqadar?
>> bagaimana untuk kenal pasti dan bagaimana untuk laksanakannya?

sama-samalah kita muhaabah diri kita kan.. merpati pun bru baca sejarah ni..
***malunya dengan kekhilafan diri  :<

akhirrrrrrrrrrrr sekali, perbanyakkan doa di bulan ramadhan ni, semoga kebaikan ini sebati dengan diri dan kita terus istiqamah...


mungkin ada yang xdapat jumpa jawapan pada persoalan di atas boleh la rujuk link2 di bawah :DD

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

.... al-furqan ....

i was going to post about this weeks ago but then, too busy doing something else, so.. :D hee

anyway, today or tonight, i just wanna share something about surah al-furqan which also one of the name given to the holy Quran

this is something i got after 'googleling' a few times..


Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w:

“Barangsiapa membaca Surah Al-Furqan (dengan ikhlas dan yakin), akan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga tanpa hisab.”

Barangsiapa menulis surah ini pada kerta atau kulit, kemudian diikat pada tubuhnya. Apabila ia masuk ke tempat yang mempunyai banyak ular, kala dan serangga berbisa, InsyaAllah aman dari segala sengatan atau patukan dari haiwan tersebut.

Jika dibaca surah ini sebanyak 3 kali ke atas air yang bersih, lalu dipercikkan di dalam rumah InsyaAllah rumah itu akan terselamat dari gangguan binatang-binatang yang liar dan ular-ular yang berbisa


Baca 3 kali dalam air dan percikkan dalam rumah, nescaya selamat dari gangguan binatang liar dan ular


intresting right...?? i never knew it before. heheh at least i learn something.
okep.. that's all i guess... still too tired.. guess what, i'm baby sitting my cousin who is just about 1 year n 8 months... fuhh perhaps i'm taking care of her a little bit too much because now, she don't let me to go anywhere away from her, not even toilet T.T nice one!! hahha cool experience though.. so yeahh i cannot think any much considering the fact that i will only be at Malaysia less than a month... 2nd time T.T

okey, hope for the best, may merpati putih be always strong for her future... amin ^^v

for extra info about other surrah, just click here :

Maahad Tahfiz Al-Furqan... (x sangka ada ^^)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

..... tanda kata ....

mulut mungkin terkunci
namun hati tetap mampu berbicara
dalam sepi ini
terasa amat gempita
kesepian yang sangat bergema

berperang sebenarnya di lubuk rasa
adakah aku berada di titian yang benar
titian yang diredhaiMu ya Tuhan
persoalan demi persoalan menerpa
pelbagai dalih cuba diraih
bukankah jawapan itu sudah ada di depan mata?

mereka berkata begitu mudah
namun bisikan syaitan bukan semudah yang disangka
telah ku bina tembok yang tinggi
namun akhirnya rekah juga dek hakisan kejahilan

hati ini sangat rapuh
ya Allah
air mataku hanya mampu berkata padaMu
meminta agar terus diberi hidayah
sesungguhnya ittaqu Allah
padaMU jua kuserah garis takdirku

adakah aku di jalan yang benar?
adakah aku di jalan yang diredhaiMu?

* i think that's all... hmm it has been a while since i wrote the last poem. ok2 its not that good, just for fun actually not so fun because usually i wrote one when i feel something that its hard to let it out by words. in fact, i don't usually shared them. but this one, just let it be here :)

may Allah guide me and guide me to the right path.. :'((

Friday, July 6, 2012

.... tribute to 2010 and 2011 ....

well... yup, i know... too long without any update right?

what to do.. been busy with passport, visa, medical checkup n what not... *good excuses right ;DD

But seriously.. don't have much time to think of a better idea to write here. Whenever i got the idea and time, urghh internet problem.. i don't really sure what happened with my internet connection. sometimes ok, sometimes don't. (wanna play pick-a-boo is it?? hahah)

ok... as usual that was just the intro... the real topic here is TRIBUTE TO 2010 AND 2011 :D
like a mentioned last last last entry, each year, supposedly i wrap up what happened in merpati's life throughout that year.. but heee what to do... so this is special for 2010 and 2011

HMM... what can i say... too much memories i guess... and mostly it's about my life as UNITEN student. i guess those all were the best me!

new friends, new meaning of life, new mindset, new boyfr...uhuk2.. i mean new boys and girls as my little brothers and sisters ^^ i don't know which one is the most best... because i guess everything were the best in its own. really praised to Allah because of the good people around me. i could not ask anything better than this. i only pray that this ukhwah will be last forever.

i guess that's it... hahhahah simple right? sorry, still feeling a bit 'high'.. too much injection i guess..
ok, pray for my success k.. right now i feeling sooo hmm how to i really going to US? is this really happening? am I really suit to do this?

Ya Allah, give me strength.... :'