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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

.... the hidden truth ....

Salam Ramadhan to all... it seems that we manage to finish up this year ramadhan up till this 12th Ramadhan. How's your Ramadhan going on so far? Have you filled those passing Ramadhan with good deeds? I really hope you do so ^^ like i mentioned in last entry, this is our moment, grap this golden chance while you still can, because life is short. We might never knew if we still had the same chance next year..

well, as usual...that was just the intro... "The Hidden Truth"...
that's what i want to talk about.. i guess if you are a social networking kinda person, definitely you must have heard about the conspiracy theory and wild speculation about this ongoing Olympic 2012...

During their opening ceremony.. strange? 
=)) In my opinion, some might be true, and some just like "adding the icing to the cake".. well, i'm saying that all of these theories are true and good, for some reason; it is a good reminder to all Muslim to be aware; however, exaggerating too much, may give a bad side effect.
So, all in is up to us to think and decide, whether you want to disagree totally or lets put it into action. And action here definitely i meant by a good and syaria' compliance ok...? Because instead of accusing people stupid, too paraniod adn "taksub", its best if you can reflect yourself back. They have quite a pretty smooth and tricky plan, so why can't we came out with such ideas to turn it back against them. It doesn't always have to be war and using weapons or what not. Remember, sirah nabawiah  taught us a lot of valuable things that we can imply it in our daily life, including this one. So, think people...Allah give you aqal  for you to use it not waste it.

Ok peeps that all for now. If you guys anxious to find out more about this things, i provide some links here. Read the article and not forgetting the comments. It is nice to actually listen what others have to say ^^

This is said to resemble Nabi Musa.. hmmm??

nite... ^^v

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