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Friday, July 6, 2012

.... tribute to 2010 and 2011 ....

well... yup, i know... too long without any update right?

what to do.. been busy with passport, visa, medical checkup n what not... *good excuses right ;DD

But seriously.. don't have much time to think of a better idea to write here. Whenever i got the idea and time, urghh internet problem.. i don't really sure what happened with my internet connection. sometimes ok, sometimes don't. (wanna play pick-a-boo is it?? hahah)

ok... as usual that was just the intro... the real topic here is TRIBUTE TO 2010 AND 2011 :D
like a mentioned last last last entry, each year, supposedly i wrap up what happened in merpati's life throughout that year.. but heee what to do... so this is special for 2010 and 2011

HMM... what can i say... too much memories i guess... and mostly it's about my life as UNITEN student. i guess those all were the best me!

new friends, new meaning of life, new mindset, new boyfr...uhuk2.. i mean new boys and girls as my little brothers and sisters ^^ i don't know which one is the most best... because i guess everything were the best in its own. really praised to Allah because of the good people around me. i could not ask anything better than this. i only pray that this ukhwah will be last forever.

i guess that's it... hahhahah simple right? sorry, still feeling a bit 'high'.. too much injection i guess..
ok, pray for my success k.. right now i feeling sooo hmm how to i really going to US? is this really happening? am I really suit to do this?

Ya Allah, give me strength.... :'

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