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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

.... strong or not...

Assalammualaikum to all...

it has been roughly 3 weeks i'm in Iowa... Ames to be specific. Wuu seems like 3 months.
why? i don't know. i guess it will be hard at first, but as time passes by, i will get used to it. hopefully.

ok, well, i don't really have much story to share. The class was good, lecture was nice to me and classmate...well, some of them are cool and friendly, some..i don't really sure. Maybe, seeing me wearing a hijab made them scared. is it? i don't know. it would be best if i just keep focusing on my study. My study? hmm i can't explain more. So far i enjoyed it and maybe after my first test we can discuss more on that. For now i can say that i'm good and fine. No high tense or pressure.

Moving on to the next topic. Key point "independent"
Last few days, i felt a bit..hmm how to say... lonely? no.. there were so many people in front of me, but i felt empty. Ok, maybe this is the moment where i should say, i miss my best friends, my dear syafika huda and my lovely ex-roomate, didi. oh ya, i think i miss my niece too, Auni. hahah i even had a dream about her. *miss her smile... ><
Basically what i'm saying here is that, maybe this is the time i have to be independent. i can't always hope that someone will always there to hear my problem or to take care of me. It seems like this last few weeks, everybody is busy. *ok, i got it.not gonna disturb you guys

 " o you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed Allah is with the patient"
                                                  ( surah AL- BAQARAH 2:153) 

hence, my only companion is Al-quran. i kinda have to set my mind "i have to".."i have to"....
even in my class right now, i'm the only malaysian and muslim i guess. between the line.

i think that's all. have to do something else. programming especially. pray for me ok?


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