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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


yes, you hear it right, this time it is about money.

MONEY is a pretty big thing to talk about. I know that i'm not that kind of person who really experts in money order or economic/finance management, but i know how it feels when you really have to really budget your expenses so that you can keep some in the bank. My family deals with this business world since i was a in baby boomers years. I can see how my father work hard to rise our family. The ups and down of life change rapidly. I guess due to that reason, i often tell myself that i don't want to have business as my one and only job, i have to have a steady job. Business could be my second (really? am i capable to? haha Allah knows.. :D)

Anyway, that was just an introduction. Miss them a lot.. ^^ All the hardship will be paid off the moment i sent them to Mekah.. Amin... that's what most children want to give to their parents, right?

heheh okay, back to the topic. Hmm money right. Yeah, one of the reason why i suddenly camo out with this idea is because i just received extra money from JPA. Well, not really an extra. It something that i paid by using my money first, then JPA just returned it back to me. Done. So, i'm thinking of buying my bro and lil' sis a present for their birthday. They gonna celebrate their birthday without me.... T.T
i wish to find something that will arrived in front of our house exactly on their birthday. Isn't that cool? Surprice!!! My lil sis definitely gonna be so excited.. *well, her first parcel with her name on it..very epic..hhahaha

O ya.. Hopefully i have enough money to survive here until the next payment (payment?? >< ) from JPA to support my expenses here. The house payment, the electric bill, phone bill, winter clothing and other household.. wow start sounded like very...very...matured?? ^^

p/s : o ya... hopefully i have extra money to buy a bike ^^ and heee i found something "charming"...
 okayyyyy see ya..

^^v  moga Allah merestui perjalan hidup ini, dekatkan daku dengan sesuatu yang baik dengan diri ini, dan bimbinglah aku memagari diri ini dari sesuatu yang buruk untuk diri ini... amin...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

.... lower our GAZE... ?

It was a fun evening today. First IMAN program here. However, there are a few thing that i want to highlight in here: *sort of like a comment/ critic?

       - maybe in the future, we should provide a few basis rules on how a game should be conducted accordingly with the islamic compliance. it's Islamic Malaysian Association after all

       - at create a clear plan or function to each person involved. I'm one of the event management bureau, and i no nothing about the plan/activity for that day. *maybe they want to make it a surprise even for the one in the bureau itself

but all in all, it was a great event (except the part we some of them taking picture like.... urm... a bit kinda western way or it is just me who being too conservative?)...and i enjoyed it.

... the fall is here, and its freezing cold here. just imagine how winter is gonna be.. @~@

^^v may merpati strong and strive hard + smart in her study for the sake of Allah, Islam, Family and all Muslim as a whole.


Friday, October 5, 2012

... Muslim vs Cristian ...

Assalammualaikum... Jordan, Megan, Vivian.. urmm forgot the other one >< huhu

It was really a great time. I made a lot of American friend today. Thanks to Jordan. Even though she is a Cristian and i'm a Muslim, it feels like there was no barrier between us. We talked about God's creation, reality of life and it's kinda sad because i never had the chance to ask her about her opinion on the film The Innocence of Muslim... should i? or shouldn't i?

she treat me a really nice coffee... Love it!!! ^^v *terharu...

okay, i miss my bestfriends... huhu

p/s: forgot to take picture of that nice awesome coffee.. huhu..

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

.... that somebody ...

okay, this should be just a simple post ^^ *hopefully

Seusai doa selepas solat, tiba-tiba tersenyum sendiri mengenangkan peristiwa masa di Uniten dulu. Indah waktu itu terutamanya apabila ada mereka-mereka di sekeliling yang amat prihatin terhadap kita. Pastinya, antara semua kenangan itu, takkan dilupakan pada seorang insan yang sangat baik hatinya. Malah, sampai sekarang tetap prihatin...bilakah mungkin dapat kita bersua lagi?

peristiwa yang pastinya terpahat... pabila dia merancanakan kejutan yang memang x disangka. Sebagai tanda maaf katanya. Sedangkan dia tidak pernah bersalah apa2. Daripada satu kelas katanya, sedangkan satu hamper itu semua duit dia.... ^^v dia memang insan terpilih. moga suatu saat nanti hidayah allah mengetuk pintu hatinya.

okay, that's all.
alhamdulillah i'm doing quite well even though the result wasn't really as expected. Insyaallah, Allah is the Best Planner.
just a simple video in memory of section4 ======enjoy=========! ^^v