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Saturday, October 6, 2012

.... lower our GAZE... ?

It was a fun evening today. First IMAN program here. However, there are a few thing that i want to highlight in here: *sort of like a comment/ critic?

       - maybe in the future, we should provide a few basis rules on how a game should be conducted accordingly with the islamic compliance. it's Islamic Malaysian Association after all

       - at create a clear plan or function to each person involved. I'm one of the event management bureau, and i no nothing about the plan/activity for that day. *maybe they want to make it a surprise even for the one in the bureau itself

but all in all, it was a great event (except the part we some of them taking picture like.... urm... a bit kinda western way or it is just me who being too conservative?)...and i enjoyed it.

... the fall is here, and its freezing cold here. just imagine how winter is gonna be.. @~@

^^v may merpati strong and strive hard + smart in her study for the sake of Allah, Islam, Family and all Muslim as a whole.


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