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Friday, November 2, 2012

... hearts and minds ...

i really missed home.. :(

trying really hard to chill this self up. tones of works still left undone. today is quite a fun day for me..

--> Kak Ara brought us to noodle store for our dinner then we went to grab an ice cream ^^v
--> Went to Target with my housemate.. hmm ended up bought simple winter coat..
       *can't believe i bought something at Target :0
--> Went to Bingo with my friend, Jordan, and i won a prize... wow i'm so lucky..

Alhamdulillah.. i can at least bring a smile back at my face after these past few days of sorrow. You are all by your own merpati.. you have to be strong as you we before. have to RESET back my mind. i used to be a strong girl that don't easily get beaten by my own hearts and feelings.. enough is enough..!! no more playing around the bushes. sometimes this is what best for you now.

*sometimes you just have to let go something that you think is good for you now, so it will end up better later in  the future.. Allah knows best..

......may Allah bless that 'person' and his family...amin..... 

just having a little fun then suddenly pre-assignment for java is already up. hmm exam next.. essay and hmm what a life.. insyaAllah... for Allah for Islam...

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