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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

... i wish ...

i wish.. i wish... thinking about the best wish i could make right now.. in fact, it would be wonderful if my wish is being granted.. hmmmmm

while my housemates busy talking about dslr, i really dreamed to owned one camcoder. i can record each and every.... urm.. ok .. too much.. i mean i can record most of my life moments here. during celebrations or vacation, buying my first car maybe, and graduation..

and really..really wish that i had a chance to ride and play with horses.. i don't know. i used to like the idea of being a country girl when i was a little kid. funny..? hmm

and want to know what i really wish right now? at this moment? i really...really...really....really... wish that i do not have to depend to anybody. it feels like i'm easily relying of people. wake up merpati, when will you understand that even your own shadow leaves you in darkness.. Only Allah knows what i'm facing right now. .. i don't mean to burden him. i asked for a help and if you do really have exam tomorrow, why don't you say so? astagfirullah.. what have i done. stop counting on people, merpati.

believe in Allah because He never leaves you.. amin2!! 

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