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Thursday, January 10, 2013

..... New Year Idea ....


hmm.. feel so tired right now. Just finish 4 days rehlah. As the host of the program, my house are full with my friends out of iowa. Today is friday, and it just a few days left before my first class during this spring. my frist spring semester ^^v ( and i didn't buy any books yet.. pinch me right now..!)

o ya.. i guess it is still not too late to say Happy New Year.. Alhamdulillah, with His blessing we can still have another year to live our life the way He told us and work very hard to achieve His bless.

Talking about new year.. there was a crazy idea that suddenly popped out during my last conversation with my bestie. Crazy but fun and possible. Who knows.. "kun fa yakun", right? Well, here's the thing. I never really give a deep thought to further my study after i'm graduating here at iowa, until..............., i spontaneously said to my bestie that it would be a great fun if one day we both can study abroad together. *snap... hey, that wasn't really a bad idea. why not? suddenly i felt so excited and really want to pursue my master right after i'm graduating. My bestie seems excited by still undecided because it is far ahead. but i believe we should start to aim from now. it is a good motivation though.

crazy idea huh? well yeah.. not really that crazy but mind-blowing... i'm so thrilled. really hope it will come true one day.. so right after graduating and my bestie will also graduate almost about the same time, it would be the best time for us to continue with our master. just both of us? yup, totally we will survive..insyaallah.

my bestie seems hesitate and unsure but we already discuss about a few places to do our master... hahhaah i definitely going to stick with my favorite place which is definitely not USA.. ^^v

p/s : my english is kinda weird.. hahhah haven't do any writing quite sometime... ya allah.. this is scary.. class is going to start soon.. okay, start to focus now merpati.. maybe because of this flue and fever, i can't really write very well..maybe.. *excuses.. >.<

may merpati ready for the new semester.. Spring 2013


  1. Wow bestnya, setiap kali aku baca, bukan mood je tukar, musim pun bertukar.hahahha

  2. hahahah tu la psl.. mcm2 musim kat sini kan... ^^v