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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

.... Best Favorite Film ....

its kinda funny when the old memories flashed back into my minds. I remembered the moment when i used to love the "biodata" books. I will pass around the class, and all of them will wrote something about themselves in it. The best part, their last wishes for me.. "semoga happy selalu", "moga terus berjaya", "friends forever", "kawin jangan lupa jemput" pun ada.. funny isn't it.

well, that was not really the topic that i want to talk about in this entry.. but it is something related to that. one of the thing that i will write in my friends biodata book is about my favorite movie :D

yes, favorite movies.. definitely a lot.. i can't really list all of them. But one movie that i strongly encourage people to watch it is Hum Saath Saath Hai... okay, except for those who really don't get along with Hindi movies, i'm sorry perhaps you might not like it.. but hey, there's always a first time for everything.. and i believe this is film could be a great start.

why? hmm soooo many reasons. This is the only fim (if i'm not mistaken) that my dad will give full permission for the whole family to watch it together. This is truly because of this is a family movies that points out a lot of moral values about family relationships and relationships with God. Yup, even though they may have different believes but the concept they are trying to give is the same - have faith in God and never go astray even just for a moment.

i thats all for now. having quite a rest now since it is spring break. but right after this, get ready to speed up 2 times than usual. hope i may survive. by the way, this is just a humble opinion from me. some people might have different thoughts. whatever it is, i will never bored to see this fil even for a hundredth times ^^v

may merpati always strong..

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