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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

.. Berhabuk ..!


uhuk2... berhabuk benar. Bayangkan dah berapa lama x menulis apa2. Hakikatnya nak post sesuatu selepas final exam, tapi akhirnya, bukak blog kemudian tutup balik camtu je. Haish, maaf la ye.. merpati asyik merayau-rayau terbang sana sini.. Menikmati keindahan bumi Allah ^^v sambil2 tenangkan fikiran mungkin?

Anyway, since there is a lot of things in my mind that i want to share here, i kinda have to choose one or two from all of them. That's because i have an exam tomorrow. haha quite poyo because i haven't study at all. Its sociologi subject. O ya forgot to tell you that i'm taking summer class. Also forgot to tell you that now i'm taking sociologi as my minor. Can't help it because i took one class last fal, and it was so awesome. Pretty cool to view how the society would effect individual. So, now i have more reason to debate with my bestie. Psyco vs socio. Cool right? ^^v

O ya, what is muh much much important thing is that, i coming back. Just couple more days. Just imagine, 1 week left to leave here for Malaysia, i already had a dream eating dinner with my dad and go shopping with my mom. LOL :D

That was not just that, i think i should share this with you guys. One of my previous post before this did mentioned about my favorite movie all the time, right? Now, i want to add one more. Heads up for those who love Japaness movie particularly. Gokusen Season 3. Best of all! Why? It is a story about a female teacher from yakuza background and trying to educate this one class, that is super duper rebellious. It was fun even though you might find one or two scene that are a bit lame, i could say. hehe Anyway, highly recommended. The feeling of able to change people's view on life, study, success and all those things really felt by me till the bottom of my heart. I hope for the same thing to happen when i hope all those people to come back to the right path, none other than the only One true Creator, Allah.

Okay, that was it i guess. I will share more later.
p/s : just to take my mind off for a while


  1. Assalam
    hohoho...merpati sudah mahu pulang.
    semua Batu disini sudah terPahat rindu dengan merpati.
    Semoga selamat sampai merpati.
    blik nnti kita sama2 niaga kat pasar tani..kihkihkih...

  2. hahah kan2.. dah dapat pun niaga sebelah2 lagi gitu. hahaha