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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

... Akhirnya.. barakaAllahufik ....

:'))))))))))) *tears of joy

Semalam dapat panggilan dari my bestie. Tapi, ketiduran waktu itu, jadi beberapa minit kemudian merpati call balik. And guess what? Ammar NAK NIKAH.. Allahurabbi, macam nak melompat terus ke bumbung bila baca teks tu. Alhamdulillah.. finally, sahabat baikku bakal menikah selepas raya tahun ini.

I am soooooo super excited till my mom said like i am the one who is getting married. Well, mom.. when it comes to my turn, it would be more than that.. maybe.. hahah i don't know. Let's just hope for the best.

But anyway, i am so glad he is finally decided to get married this year. At least i will be here even though he said that the ceremony will be on 23rd July.. Not fair..!! My flight will be on 20 July.. :(( but, i really hope that some miracle will happen. Please Ya Allah, give me the best solution. I really wanna be there when he says all the "words".

Urm.. but to be honest.. it kinda made me feel a bit sad at the same time. I don't know. Feels like small tears came out from my eyes without i even noticed it. Ammar has always been there especially when i need someone to burst out all my anger, or need a shoulder when i feel like the world crushing my heart into pieces. He is my psycho, my doctor, my chef and my best bro. Some people might not get it, but i really appreciate him a lot and i guess i am not a kind of people that easily take advice from people except him. Well i guess, things will be different now. I am not saying that i always contact him and rely on him for almost every single thing in my life, i already realized that he will be off one day the moment he got engaged.

hmmm... yup, it is such a wonderful feeling to see your best friend is getting married. I really hope he will be an awesome husband and i pray for all the happiness for him and his future wife, Aliyya (hope i spelled her name correctly :DD).

ok..ok... enough with the touching and emo2 words.. Life must go on. So merpati, be strong especially when in your journey at ISU. ^^v peace

** still have 4 more quizzes to go.. T.T


  1. Rara balik 20 july ke? Awalnyaa

    1. haah.. masyi bler? ni diowg yang beli ari tuh. ni yang fikir nak tukar nih..

    2. Balik 30 ogos iA. Sbb kelas start 2 sept

    3. eh silap.. bru prasan july.. actually 20 aug hehhe