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Saturday, August 24, 2013

.... Retak Hati ....

Alhamdulillah.. i'm al ready at Ames, Iowa.

Fuh, the journey was...... was.... T.T because it is so painful when your have to see your own friend (even though not that close) do something against syariah, and all you can to is just watch without even dare to say anything? I really hate myself at that time. Why merpati? You said you want to change the world, the corrupted system, be the one that fight for our deen, yet that simple mungkar  you cannot do anything?

Ya Allah, please forgive me, our humble servant..  :''(
May you blessed and hidayah will always be with them, so that one day they will realize that all they did was not because of love, but it is the tricks and games from our lifetime forever enemy, syaithan.
They both from a well know school for its religion based system. I pray that all the 'ilmu the perceived throughout their high school years will not only be a plain knowledge that they keep in mind but not in their hearts solemnly.

Last but not least, yes my first childhood best friend already moved from single ---> double. He's married and i'm happy for him. Even though i was a little bit sad cause i could not make it to his wedding ceremony, i accepted it and redha  for what Allah has planned for me. Once again, thanks ammar for always been there for me. You are such a wonderful friend and i absolutely believe and you can also be a good husband and soon a good father. *wow hahahah ^^v can't wait to see his child lolz..

Anyway, since i cannot be too close with ammar anymore, *he's someone husband, right... so, i was thinking of finding my own husband. How's that sound? hahahahh iaks.. come one people. Its just a joke.. NO time for this thing yet. I want to finish my degree here, in USA and who know, i might further my study somewhere else after this. Australia, Switzerland? hahah Amin

p/s : thanks to haziqah for the pic.. lepaskan ngidam merpati katanya.. lolz.. 

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