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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

... berkeingan namun apakan daya ...

hmmmmmm...... T.T
kalaulah murah kan..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

... dan mimpi itu lagi ...


ada seorang sahabat merpati kata, kalau kita termimpi akan seseorang, mungkin kita terlalu ingat pada dia atau dia ingat pada kita? hmmmm 0.o

Terfikir-fikir kebenaran di sebalik pernyataan itu, tapi ada dua tiga kali merpati termimpi akan arwah nenek merpati yang baru meninggal tidak lama dahulu.. sewaktu merpati di akhir tahun pertama merpati di uniten. Mak selalu pesan, kalau mimpi nenek, bacakan al-fatihah atau yassin atau doakan nenek di sana. Yup, that's the least i could do..

But, what worries me more is not that. It is the dream about a long lost friend, once used to be one of the person that close to be i would say. It shouldn't be happening. Mengapa patut dikenang. Sudah bertahun lama kisah itu berlalu, jangan diungkit kembali. Apa yang mungkin merpati katakan, merpati bersyukur kerana sudah mula nampak perubahan dalam dirinya. Itu pun hanya dari permerhatian di dinding mukabukunya saja. Yang lain wallahualam. Mungkin sebab merpati mimpi kembali ke sekolah itu dan kemudian berjumpa dia, dan di mimpi yang lain melihat dia di usrah, moga hatinya lebih menerima Islam. Soal hati dan perasaan, moh buang jauh2. Have to keep my option open for other things first.

^^v all the best to me for my second exam in fall semester 2013..

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

... dan pada detik itu ...

Assalammualaikum ya tuan2 sekalian..

Back in business again. What i meant by business is.. business menabur baja dan melabur saham untuk akhirat nanti. Maka, dalam menyelusuri jalan dakwah itu mehnah dan tribulasi kian mencengkam. Semakin tinggi semangat untuk berjuang, makin tinggi jugalah dugaan yang datang bertandang. Tapi yakin bahawa,

la yukallifullah hu nafsan illa 'us'aha, laha ma kasabat wa 'alaiha maktasabat
Allah tidak akan membebeni seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya. Ia mendapat pahala dari kebajikan yang dia usahakan dan ia mendapat siksaan dari kejahatan yang dia kerjakan

Alhamdulillah, right after my first sociology/criminal justice test one, which i scored pretty okay i could say, the next day i noticed that i lost my ISU ID. Okay, perhaps i should rephrase it. I lost my ISU lanyard that hold inside it my ISU ID and my two debit card. Awesome doesn't it? Again, lost my things. Have you ever felt something bad happened, you really know what caused it, and you really mad to it? That was what i felt that morning. I was about to go to my "new sisters" house for their house warming party, and then everything spoiled up when i could not find my ID. I really..really upset not because i lost that ID but I really mad at myself because i kept losing things that I shouldn't and I continued to be careless even after I lost my phone and my pencil case. That is so unacceptable for me. For a moment, i could only istighfar persistently hoping that somewhere and somehow i will get the strength to cope with that scene. Yeah, i have to admit that i cried out loud once, (because no one home) then i quickly took wudu' and performed a prayer. My tears would be more valuable if i shared with the One that Knows what best for me. Suddenly, my phone ringing, one of my "new sisters" called. I couldn't bare to disappoint them especially when hearing her voice that full with excitement hoping to see me coming to their house. Yes, deep down inside I could feel that they are one of the answer from Allah. I then, had the power to put myself back together and prepared a warm smile for them. Thanks budak2 comel. Thanks for being in my life.

Finally, what i turned out to realize is that, it was all happened for a reason. Remember the story in my last entry that i told about me and my unresponsive act when i saw my friend doing something that we know is wrong in Islam? From that moment eversince, I always pray that i would be given a perfect moment alone with that girl. And i finally got it that day. Allah want to delay my time to go to that housewarming and wallah.. there you go. The moment you wished for. Alhamdulillah, this time i don't waste any of my time even for a second. Alhamdulillah too because she accepted what i told her calmly and yeah, hopefully i gave her something valuable that moment.

Okay, thought it would be a short entry, but as usual, its just so happened to be like this. O ya, just so you know, i already found my ID and.... fall seasons is here. About my "new sisters" i will tell you more about that later. daaa...


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

... Big responsibility lies ahead ...

^^v Assalammualaikum

September is already here. A lot of interesting thing happened to me last couple of weeks.. Well, don't know how to describe how interesting it was, but hey life must go on right.

Maybe, i thing for sure i can say is that, i miss my home, my mom, dad n family. Homesick? Yeah, a bit i guess. (perhaps, that's the reason why i don't want to go back till i finally graduate, because see what happens when your heart is still at home? ) So, i have few dreams about my mom and someone. About that someone, its kinda weird though i suddenly met him in my dreams. And in that dreams, it is actually pictured the true current situation between me and that person now. Awkward and that person kinda really mad at me, which i may know what is the reason is all about. Again, everything is Qada and Qadar. I just rely my best hope to Allah.

Okay, this would be a short entry actually so, i don't plan to write a lot. Now merpati is pretty busy study, activity and handling new baby sisters with me. Soooo happy with all of them. May they be with me till the end of this journey of dakwah islamiyah. ^^v