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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

... Big responsibility lies ahead ...

^^v Assalammualaikum

September is already here. A lot of interesting thing happened to me last couple of weeks.. Well, don't know how to describe how interesting it was, but hey life must go on right.

Maybe, i thing for sure i can say is that, i miss my home, my mom, dad n family. Homesick? Yeah, a bit i guess. (perhaps, that's the reason why i don't want to go back till i finally graduate, because see what happens when your heart is still at home? ) So, i have few dreams about my mom and someone. About that someone, its kinda weird though i suddenly met him in my dreams. And in that dreams, it is actually pictured the true current situation between me and that person now. Awkward and that person kinda really mad at me, which i may know what is the reason is all about. Again, everything is Qada and Qadar. I just rely my best hope to Allah.

Okay, this would be a short entry actually so, i don't plan to write a lot. Now merpati is pretty busy study, activity and handling new baby sisters with me. Soooo happy with all of them. May they be with me till the end of this journey of dakwah islamiyah. ^^v


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