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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

... Alhamdulillah ..



Good morning, love from the one that have nothing at all to the One that owns all...

yup, kinda happy today because, I think I finally a grown up girl.. ops I mean woman know. Alhamdulillah, just now I finally bought a new car for us. Well, technically I am one of the biggest shares for that car, for lets just say, it is our car. Me and my new sisters over here shares money to buy a car. Definitely it is not a brand new car, but with the help from Abang Dian, Syamil and not forgetting Syazwan, yup, it was indeed quite a good and solid car. Pretty good investment I would say. haha

Anyway, I think this is one of my biggest purchases i have ever made ever since I was in USA. Before this it was my lovely mac, now, here my new baby boy Honda Accord EX (i think so.. if i'm not mistaken.. hahah totally not really good that this thing).

May Allah bless this investment, may it bring our rabitoh more tight together and may Allah keep ourselves and this car from danger also may this helps us better strive to be in this journey that no ends of dakwah.. Amin..

p/s : Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion x beli apa sangat, sebab terpaksa menyimpan untuk kereta, now menyimpan untuk parents merpati fly ke sini lak. Bak kata mak, kalau ada rezeki datang US x ke mana. Reallu hope that they will be there on my graduation day.. Amin

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