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Saturday, January 18, 2014

.... Jaulah Tahun Baru & Azam ....

Cepat je masa berjalan dan akhirnya dah tahun 2014. nampaknya kena tambah details di bahagian tepi blog ni. hmmm what actually the most significant moments that happened on me throughout this year?? i will think about that later. haha

For now, I would like to just focus on 2 things, my best Jaulah Tahun Baru & my New Year Resolution.

Okay, let's start with Jaulah Tahun Baru. hahah We, as in me and my adik usrah (new sisters) and couples of my friends went to more than 3 state in 10 whole days. Awesome journey, right? Yup, we travelled to Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Purdue, Edinburg (this is actually unplanned because we went there accidentally when I got the wrong address) hahah super lol.
Guess what we use to go for this travel? We use 4x4 Ford Expedition EXL. haha yup, super big and super huge. This was my first time driving this huge thing. Yup, of course I am the driver. Specifically the primary driver and the one and only legal driver in USA. My other sisters, they can drive too but the only have permit (in Malaysia its sort of P license). Especially when I was totally sick during our way back to Ames. Panas dalam. I just can't sleep, can't eat, feels like throwing up. All i do just drink a hot coffee and force myself to sleep. Yeah, its works a bit but my flue got me off after several days later.
Anyway, it was an awesome journey. We learned a lot and we just don't waste ourtime sitting in the car for hours doing nothing. We play games and if it is time, we recite mathsurat and surah hafazan. Thanks to Zainal for accompany us up till Indiana, thanks to Ustaz and family for letting us stay at your house and thanks to Didi for...for.. almost everything. Miss you back again. We will see each other again if you come to Ames for TJM this Spring break.

Next, New Year Resolution. I want to be a lady! hahaha You see, I don't think I'm lady enough. hahah Is not that I want to be matured real fast or anything like that, but the fact is that I am supposed to be more matured now as I already been given a huge responsibilities now and ... and.. okay I just say it, I am reaching my 22 this years. So, just think, if during Rasulullah and his Sahabah time, woman during this age will be on the verge of accomplish a huge mission or could be a huge responsibilities which was just not even way far ahead if compared to my responsibilities now. Thus, I want to prepared myself. More matured in thinking, reasoning, behavioring, intelectual and emotions too.
Other than that, I just to to contribute as much as I can to the ummah and portray a good example to my families, sisters and friends. I don't want to be the "fitnah" and poisons to my own religion especially when I am currently at the US and people view me as an indicator to what Islam is all about.

Okay, I guess, that was just it for now. A few big thing this year that i will quickly tell is that the sociology class research topic (still thinking what will be the topic), programming class back again (hopefully not as hard as before), TJM ( s/u again?? hmm.. okay coz at least Madje asked me to help him to be the AJK for sukan too) and counting days for......


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